If you've been trying for more than 3 months, try this!


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Not pregnant after 3 months? Try this!

Cervical Mucus Enhancer includes: Essential Fatty Acids to nourish the nerves and facilitate communication between cells and Herbs to increase cervical mucus, alkalize, detoxify. Food Supplement that aids in the absorption of thiamine, increases carbohydrate digestion, breaks down fats and helps detoxify and repair damage to the liver and assists in absorption of Vitamin A & B1, aspirin to increase blood flow to organs and expectorant to lose mucus.

What to expect in your order:

  • All supplements sealed for freshness 
  • Discreet packaging
  • Supplements mentioned above.
  • Tests (Ph/Pregnancy/Ovulation depending upon availability)
  • Detailed instructions
  • Wallet-size Reference Card
  • Daily Regime Bags
  • Calendar
  • Body Basal Temperature chart