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The good news is, you can restore hormone balance naturally!

#7 Herbs for Her is right for you if you have:

  • Unusual bleeding
  • PCOS
  • Irregular cycles
  • Taking clomid
  • Taking Metformin 

  • One way to restore balance is this
    package as it can "Restore Ovarian Balance" which includes: Essential Fatty Acids to increase cervical mucus and nourish the nerves and facilitate communication between cells; a blood purifier that helps restore and balance hormonal functions, the herb for fertility, an oil that regulates hormone production and is essential for the developing fetus for proper development of the brain and retina of the eyes, an herb that lowers testosterone, cleanses the colon and decreases muscular spasms and increases fluidity of mucus and a vitamin anti-oxidant which keeps oxygen in cells from combining with waste to form toxic compounds and thins blood which increases blood flow to reproductive organs. 

    What to expect in your order:

    • All supplements sealed for freshness 
    • Discreet packaging
    • Supplements mentioned above.
    • Tests (Ph/Pregnancy/Ovulation depending upon availability)
    • Detailed instructions
    • Wallet-size Reference Card
    • Daily Regime Bags
    • Calendar
    • Body Basal Temperature chart